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If you need to hire a lawyer for a civil or criminal case, or for a legal process such as adoption or naturalization, it helps to understand the practice area of your given issue. For instance, personal injury lawyers handle slip-and-fall lawsuits and employment attorneys may work with either employees or employers. To find an attorney near you, select the appropriate practice area below:

Accidents & Injuries Estate Planning
Adoption Family Law
Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) General Litigation
Bankruptcy Health Care
Business Home Ownership
Car Accidents Immigration & Citizenship
Child Support Insurance
Consumer Protection Landlords' Rights & Responsibilities
Criminal Law Marriage & Living Together
Child Custody & Visitation Medical Malpractice
Dangerous Products Money Matters
Debtor / Creditor Probate
Divorce & Separation Real Estate & Home Ownership
DUI / DWI Retirement
Elder Law Taxes
Employees' Rights Tenants' Rights
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