What is Plaintiff-side Personal Injury Law?

Definition of Personal Injury Plaintiffs

Personal injury suits concern certain types of wrongdoing that aren’t covered by contract law. This includes claims for injuries like slipping and falling in a store parking lot, product liability suits, medical malpractice, car accidents, and many other types of cases.

Personal injury plaintiff attorneys specialize in bringing lawsuits against individuals and businesses on behalf of an injured party. They can review the case, determine whether the person is actually liable for the injuries, evaluate the extent of the damage, file important court documents, and advise their clients on whether it is better to settle or go to court. Plaintiff’s attorneys may also recommend other resources to their clients, such as social workers, medical professionals, or financial advisors.

Terms to Know

  • Plaintiff: The person who initiates a lawsuit.
  • Defendant: The person a plaintiff sues.
  • Claim: A request sent to an insurance company for benefits.
  • Damages: The money the plaintiff wants to recover in the lawsuit. Damages can cover a wide variety of bills, including medical bills and property damage.
  • Settlement: A sum of money the plaintiff accepts instead of going to court.

Practice Area Notes

Most plaintiff’s attorneys represent individuals and must understand a broad array of legal topics in order to adequately advise their clients. Since most of their clients are individuals without the resources of a large corporation, plaintiff’s attorneys are often paid on a contingency basis. This means that the attorney will only get paid if they reach a settlement for their client, and that they will take a percentage of the damages award.

Related Practice Areas

  • Accidents and Injuries: Personal injury plaintiffs attorneys bring personal injury suits.
  • Product Liability: A product liability suit is a type of personal injury suit against the manufacturer of a product when that product has injured the consumer.
  • Medical Malpractice: A medical malpractice suit is a type of personal injury suit against a healthcare professional when that provider has injured a patient.
  • Car Accidents: People who are injured in a car accident can bring a lawsuit against the person at fault.
  • Litigation: Most personal injury plaintiff’s attorneys will bring a claim to court, or litigate it.
  • Insurance Law: Most personal injury cases involve an insurance company, so a personal injury attorneys must be well versed in insurance law.

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